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We are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Global Water Awards as part of an online event that will bring together major stakeholders to present GWI’s future market predictions: ‘10 Big Questions for the Water Sector in 2021’.

Event: 10 Big Questions for the Water Sector in 2021: GWI’s Future Market Predictions and Global Water Awards Winner Announcement
Date: Wednesday June 2nd 2021
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm BST (What time is that for me?)
Location: Remo online meeting platform
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How will the award winners and distinctions be announced?
10 Big Questions for the Water Sector
Event Agenda
View Shortlist Videos

How will the award winners and distinctions be announced?

During the online event we will show a 5 minute reel naming each shortlisted company/project/technology etc. and then naming the distinction, and the winner in the following order:

Resilient Water Agency of the Year
Smart Water Project of the Year
Industrial Project of the Year
Wastewater Project of the Year
Water Project of the Year
Desalination Plant of the Year
Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year
Desalination Company of the Year
Water Company of the Year

We will not be able to welcome award winners up on stage in an individual capacity, but winners will receive a congratulatory video from Christopher Gasson, and we will also be sharing your celebratory posts across the GWI Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

10 Big Questions for the Water Sector

It has been an extraordinary year in the water industry. The effects of the global pandemic ricocheted across almost every sector and disrupted business as normal across the board.

The global water sector has had to pivot to meet the challenge and, although the impact of the pandemic undoubtedly slowed down the volume of work, it has driven innovation and accelerated secular trends in a way that will define the industry for years to come. In tandem with Covid-19, the Trump administration came to an end, giving rise to an historic $111 billion stimulus plan under President Biden and the months-long takeover battle between French Giants, Suez and Veolia, finally came to its conclusion. Meanwhile, opportunities in several pockets of the market such as water for energy, technology, desalination and private finance have emerged.

The question now is: what does this mean for the future of the water market and where are the key opportunities in 2021 and beyond? GWI makes its much-anticipated predictions in our upcoming virtual session, 10 Big Questions for the Water Sector in 2021.

Event Agenda

15:00 – Welcome from Christopher Gasson, Publisher, GWI

15:10 – GWI’s Market Predictions – In GWI’s 10 Big Questions for the Water Sector in 2021 virtual session, our 10 market experts have been analysing GWI’s WaterData, DesalData and Project Tracker data and forecasts to bring you a first look at our future market predictions. In ten quick-fire presentations, we unpack the emerging trends that will make an impact on the market and drive the greatest opportunities in these key areas:

  • How will the Veolia-Suez merger change the water business? Christopher Gasson, Publisher
  • What are the hottest new technologies in 2021? Charlie Walker, Head of Research, Technology and Industry
  • How has Covid reshaped the water market? Malin Hedlund, WaterData Manager
  • How will Biden’s $111 billion funding plan change the US water sector? Paul Hasler, North America Editor
  • What’s next for desal after the Gulf boom? Hugo Birch, Desalination & Reuse Editor
  • What are the trends in industrial water stewardship? Jess Chapman, Industrial Editor
  • Why is private finance for water suddenly growing? Henry Ford, Projects Reporter
  • Where is the water opportunity in the energy transition? Juliette Allen, Industrial Services Analyst
  • What will the emerging contaminants landscape look like in 2025? Charlotte Oakes, Technology Analyst
  • How many countries can meet SDG6 goals by 2030? Sebastian Lennox, Editorial Director

15:50 – Global Water Award Winners Reveal

16:00 – Open Networking

Shortlist Videos

View: Click here to view the shortlist videos we have compiled for each category to explain why each company or project made it onto our 2021 shortlist.

Download: Click here to download the video for your category.

Share: We encourage you to share these videos with your colleagues and to your social media accounts. Tag us @WaterIntel on Twitter, Global Water Intelligence on LinkedIn, and Global Water Intelligence on Facebook.

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