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Digital Water Company of the Year

Sponsored by ABB

For the company which made the greatest contribution to the advancement of digital technology in the water sector in 2018.

Evoqua Water Technologies

What is it?

The NYSE-listed water equipment and service company formed out of the ashes of USFilter.

What has it done?

In 2018 Evoqua simply reinvented the way customers interact with a water treatment supplier through the launch of its Water One service across North America. A revolutionary concept that combines the firm’s water service knowhow with data analytics, Water One continuously monitors water systems allowing company personnel to pre-empt issues before an alarm is triggered and gives clients unrivalled 24/7 support.

What makes it special?

Clients including a state-of-the art laboratory in Florida and a hospital in Massachusetts needed a constant supply of high-purity water at all times with zero margin for error. Through the Water One service, Evoqua foresees an issue that may put water quality at risk, and arrives on site before it happens, allowing the highly demanding healthcare sector to operate worry-free about water quality.

Evoqua also ensures the security of ground-breaking research aimed at solving the world’s greatest challenges. A project at MIT’s nano facility saw Water One remotely monitoring 30 critical water quality data points to the parts per billion range in real-time, optimising water system performance and effortlessly meeting the exacting requirements of nanotechnology research.


With 730 customers already brought onto the platform in 2018, Evoqua is exhibiting breathtaking pace in connecting its vast customer base, meaning the benefits of digital water systems are felt immediately in industrial, commercial and university applications.


Veolia Water Technologies

What is it?

Part of the global Veolia group, Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) is a water treatment solutions and service provider with a global reach.

What has it done?

2018 saw VWT launch its game-changing Aquavista platform, a four-offer, fully cloudified digital service to optimise water treatment plant operation around the world. By consolidating and expanding its previous digital offers and building in world-leading process expertise, VWT have produced a holistic service structure that maximises the value of client data, and allows users to get the most from their resources.

What makes it special?

The four Aquavista offers – Plant, Insight, Portal, and Assist – are linked into a common, cloud-based, data library system bolstering the data resources available to each and setting new standards for data handling and cyber security.

Cloudifying its water treatment management systems means VWT offers truly automated plant operation services (Aquavista Plant), with 80 clients already integrating the offer across Europe, the US, the Middle East, and China. Since implementing the AI and process expertise driven service, clients have reported truly remarkable upturns in efficiency: BlueKolding’s Agtrup WWTP seeing a staggering 23% reduction in energy consumption, a 46% drop in precipitation chemical use, and an 80% increase in stormwater capacity coupled with an 83% reduction in overflows.


With more than 1000 installations using VWT’s Aqauvista services to gain process insight across 20 countries, the French firm are bringing the benefits of data-driven operations management to more clients than ever before.