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Smart Water Company of the Year: Shortlist

For the company which made the greatest contribution to the advancement of digital technology in the water sector in 2017.

Shortlisted Nominees


Aquatic Informatics

What is it?

A Canada-based software solutions provider with expertise in big data management for the environmental monitoring industry.

What has it done?

Aquatic Informatics became the biggest water data management company in the world in 2017 after amalgamating with WaterTrax and Linko Technology to share its offerings with over 1,000 customers. Demonstrating its data management prowess, the company swiftly completed the roll-out of its AQUARIUS Time-Series platform for the United States Geographical Survey, which now processes an extraordinary 500,000 data points an hour.

What makes it special?

Merging with WaterTrax and Linko Technology has allowed Aquatic Informatics to serve niche markets in the environmental, municipal and industrial spaces, and offers a uniquely comprehensive solution capable of managing data throughout the complete water cycle. With a 98% annual customer retention rate, Aquatic Informatics has won utilities’ hard-earned trust for cloud-based software solutions.

Aquatic Informatics launched its brand-new LinkoExchange module last year, the first EPA-approved online system to enable industrial sewer users to electronically and automatically self-report regulatory results, ensuring permit compliance and saving utilities from potentially significant and needless fines.


Answering the water industry’s calls for improved data access, Aquatic Informatics has displayed a strong awareness of its customer base, developing new web functionality to enable users to access raw data for use in complex analyses. Financial backing from XPV Partners, one of the most respected water tech investors on the planet, should ensure it has the capital and the flexibility to go on to even greater things.


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

What is it?

The public service infrastructure company responsible for the generation, transportation and distribution of water and electricity in the emirate of Dubai.

What has it done?

With the goal of reducing non-revenue water and improving the emirate of Dubai’s resilience in the face of severe water scarcity, DEWA undertook one of the largest advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects the world has ever seen. Completing the replacement of a phenomenal 245,000 water meters in 2017, DEWA has advanced the availability of meter readings to a near-perfect 99.9%, while reducing non-revenue water to 7%.

What makes it special?

Despite being one of the most water-stressed countries in the world, the United Arab Emirates has one of the highest per capita water usage rates, making water conservation essential. With the water meters successfully installed, DEWA was able to detect and resolve almost 10,000 leaks and identify 3,300 defective meters. The utility’s efforts were rewarded with substantial increases in billable water, amounting to AED46.7 million ($12.7 million) in extra revenue.

DEWA has demonstrated remarkable in-house capabilities, replacing fibre optics with an internally built machine-to-machine solution – an innovation later adopted by the manufacturer – and creating five operational dashboards to monitor the smart network, generating total savings of AED5.2 million ($1.4 million).


DEWA was awarded an international patent for its internally developed one-way data transmission system which automatically collects data from desalination plants, enabling operators to monitor assets from anywhere at any time, and providing crucial protection against the ever-growing risk of cyber-attacks.



What is it?

A leading provider of liquid monitoring solutions, specialising in industrial process measurements and automation.

What has it done?

Throughout 2017, Endress+Hauser was at the forefront of bringing the digital water revolution to the industrial sector, installing its market-leading analytical products everywhere from steel works to gold mines to biological treatment plants. After expanding its market-leading Memosens sensor portfolio through the acquisition of Blue Ocean Nova and adding three new products to its Liquiline range, the company was able to achieve double-digit growth across its complete analytical portfolio in 2017.

What makes it special?

With measuring devices covering more than 25 parameters, Endress+Hauser’s contact-free connections for converting measured values to digital signals have been ground-breaking for the sensor industry, preventing the perennial problem of disruptive moisture-induced measurement failure.

Combining its web-based Liquiline transmitters with Heartbeat monitoring and verification technology ensures unmatched measurement reliability and maximum sensor lifetime for its industrial customers, even in the most aggressive of environments – with the added benefit of remote 24/7 access to data from anywhere in the world.


Priding itself on a continuous innovation strategy, Endress+Hauser successfully secured 63 new patents in 2017 and filed for 64 more, in a remarkable display of ambition and commitment to the digital industrial revolution.


Schneider Electric

What is it?

A global provider of automation, control and software systems to industries including the water and wastewater sector.

What has it done?

Schneider Electric landed an impressive range of projects in 2017, showcasing expert energy efficiency technology in the US, leakage detection skills in the UK, non-revenue water reduction expertise in India, and prowess in smart irrigation in New Zealand. Having merged with engineering software provider Aveva, Schneider has positioned itself as one of the biggest industrial software companies in the water and wastewater sector, offering end-to-end solutions from design through to operation.

What makes it special?

As well as helping the water utility in Bilbao, Spain, to buy its electricity at the best price in a deregulated market, Schneider Electric landed energy efficiency performance contracts in four US cities last year. Predicting annual savings of $1 million for these increasingly cash-strapped municipalities, Schneider continues to liberate utilities from hefty energy bills.

Combining IoT, machine learning and hydraulic modelling in its newly introduced Water Network Optimisation, EcoStruxure Maintenance and Advisor tools, Schneider has proven it is no one-trick pony. With a position on the highly regarded Smart Cities Council, this optimisation powerhouse is rapidly becoming the go-to smart city technology provider for both municipal and industrial players.


Recognising the growing need for security in cyberspace, Schneider Electric has partnered with industrial control system security specialist Claroty to enhance the end-to-end cybersecurity of its IoT-enabled EcoStruxure platform, offering its digital customers unrivalled defence against the ongoing threat of cybercrime.


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