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Water Technology Idol

Five new early-stage desal-related technologies were presented at the Summit. Following each presentation, participants were interviewed by three panelists before the audience voted on the technology that it considered to be most likely to live up to the presenter’s expectations.

Mattershift, USA

Founder and CEO Rob McGinnis presented the company’s aligned carbon nanotube flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes. The tubes are aligned within a PES matrix with tube diameters as small as 4 Angstroms (0.4 nm) for use in RO and NF applications. He said that the backflushable membranes can provide salt rejection and permeability up to ten times higher than conventional RO membranes and are chlorine and heat tolerant.


Hyrec, Turkey

Basel Abusharkh, the Chief Technology Officer presented the company’s osmotically assisted RO technology. The low-energy hybrid process integrates osmosis and reverse osmosis to concentrate seawater, industrial wastewater and other solutions in ZLD, near ZLD applications and chemical recovery applications.

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