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Water Technology Idol

Presented to the early-stage company whose technology could change the future of the water market. Four new desal-related technologies were presented at the Summit. Following each presentation, the presenter was interviewed by four panelists before the audience voted on the technology that it considered to be most likely to live up to the presenter’s expectations.

Spiral Water Technologies

Ashwin Gulati, the California-based company’s CEO presented his company’s automatic self-cleaning filter technology. Gulati said that the patented Spiral Water Filter is able to remove solids ranging in size from 10 to 100μm from flows with total suspended solids concentrations of up to 25,000 mg/L. The unit has a pressure drop of 1 psi (6 kPa) and does not require backflush, crossflow or booster pumps.



Espen Mansfeldt, the CEO of this Switzerland-based company thermal ZLD technology, presented its LTDis low temperature distillation unit for brine concentration and its LTDry low temperature dryer.

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